Fully engaged, fully alive, full of possibility. This is how life is supposed to be lived. A spiritual encounter a few weeks ago reminded me of this. It also reminded of me of a phrase that’s been a personal manifesto since my college rowing days: Si Se Puede, or in English, Yes We Can.


Originally I put it on a t-shirt just for me. Then I quickly realized it’s an affirmation meant to be shared.  You might remember in 2008, Barack Obama ran and won with the slogan, “Yes we can.” I’ve also come to find out that Cesar Chavez used the phrase to rally and inspire migrant workers in the fields. CHILLS. This statement is about stepping into possibility and removing limits imposed by society or self. It’s a reminder nothing is actually out of reach.


Additionally, I recognize this is a time when we (as human beings) must unite if we ever want to overcome. I’m naturally a mediator who has learned the value of being able to see all sides and empathetically bridge differences. Si Se Puede means coming together and choosing a we instead of an us versus them.

In true Haute Hope form, this shirt is made ethically and printed locally. The shirt itself is from our friends at Next Level Apparel. They uphold social and environmental integrity by requiring all of their manufacturers to be child labor-free and provide their workers with fair wages and safe working conditions. Too good!

Si Se Puede is about mobilizing people. Grab a tee and GO! Yes you can.

Shop the pre-sale HERE 




PS: Many thanks to the oh so talented Kelly Lankston (model) and Nikki Mata (photographer) for jumping on this project. #sisepuedehh

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