Recipe: Fruitcake 2.0


What happens when you beg your best gal to recreate a holiday classic for the modern-day discerning palate? Magic – that’s what.

When we at Haute Hope decided our theme/inspiration for this holiday season would be fruitcake – I knew Becky was the one to call. Together we’ve been reimagining the classics since 2009 and have a blast doing it.

Why fruitcake? Well, I love that it’s something nostalgic. Fruitcake symbolizes the start of the holidays. The jewel toned dried “fruit” are the coolest colors and fruit cake doesn’t take itself seriously – which I’d like to think we (read: Becky & I) don’t either.


Cool news – this fruit cake is DELICIOUS.  Here’s the recipe!


But also add 1/4c orange juice
Melt butter, oj and honey together, then stir in sugar.
Mix up fruits, spices, and nuts and flours, in a big bowl. Pour over melted butter/liquid/ sugar mix. Stir vigorously, until you get a thick stiff mixture. Press into oiled bread pan, and bake 40-40 minutes until set.

Cool before slicing thinly.
Dust with powdered sugar to serve.
Garnish with an orange slice, to channel Martha Stewart, circa 1992.

Pro tip: Pair with any red wine or cinnamon-y tea for a good time.


And here’s Becky. You can find her over at  She started out as a food photographer so you’ll want to give her a follow on her instagram account: foodiephotog.


I took my fruitcake over to my in-laws and they devoured it. Roll up to a party with these and everyone will definitely be in great spirits!




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