6 Sleep Habits that Changed My Life



One of my favorite books of all time (Essentialism) has an entire chapter dedicated to protecting your sleep.

Which prompted me to ask myself, what are my best rhythms for sleeping, eating and working?

I’ve always been someone who has to run on 6+ hours of sleep, but since my foray into entrepreneurship I’ve found that the issue isn’t the 6+ hours of sleep, it’s actually the quality of those hours.

I’ve made it a priority to improve my sleep so that I can function at my best. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Happy Spritz, Sweet Dreams Darling Spray: This is crack. I spray the magical lavender concoction on my pillow, my sheets, my face. Sets the mood, relaxes me, and everything smells amazing. Plus it’s totally organic and gives a portion of its proceeds to animal rescue initiatives. 
  2. Tea: Teamotions Apple Chamomile tea is a dream. I’m going to share my favorite tea recipe with you right here. Steep a small cup of this and add a splash of (California-made) Califia Farms Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer, 1/3 TSP of raw honey and savor. The tea lures you to sleep without the morning after effects of an over the counter sleep aid. YES, YES!
  3. Eye Cream: So bougie I know…but it’s not! I use Lush Cosmetic’s Enchanted Eye Cream and I don’t know if it gently glues my eyes shut or just relaxes the lid or what but I always wake up looking AND feeling refreshed. Did I mention it’s fair trade, all natural and a little goes a long way?
  4. Pajamas: Lunya makes dream PJ’s. Having gear set aside just for night time – and I’m not talking old t-shirts and joe boxers. I’m talking high quality, luxurious-feeling night wear. It changes the game. (Bonus: they’re made in the U.S.A.) 
  5. Sleep Mask: I thought these were the most obnoxious things EVER. Then I tried one. The moment the sun rises we get tons of natural light in our bedroom – the sleep mask allows nighttime to last a teensy bit longer. Currently coveting: Poor Christine’s Organic Sleep Mask. 
  6. Bob Ross. BOB ROSS. Watching this man paint will put anyone to sleep. Not because he’s boring, but rather because his voice is soothing and his words are kind. Happy little trees = happy little z’s. Every single episode is on Netflix. Press play y’all. 







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