Name: Taylor Allen

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Henri Rose Sleepwear

What cause are you most willing to fight for? 

The underdogs of the world. The person whose voice is sometimes only a whisper or nothing at all.

I’ve always wondered about your company name Henri Rose! Will you share the story behind it? 
Yes! I knew when I was starting this company that I wanted a name that was personal and told a story. My grandmothers Henrietta Ramsey and Lillian Rose were, for me, the conscious beginning of the beauty and resilience of the female spirit. I felt a company rooted in this principle was an important part of the story we’re trying to tell at Henri Rose. I wanted the women we work with to know that they too hold this beautiful, strong female spirit that perseveres no matter what.

I’ve carried your tea towels and napkins in some of our most popular gift boxes and I am sad to see them go – but this sleepwear line looks divine! Why the transition and what about it are you most excited for?

The transition was simply a better way for us to support women in Cambodia who have been victims of sex trafficking; our company needed to pivot in order to make the biggest impact in these women’s lives. I still believe in Micro Loans and their power to transform lives and communities and hope to bring back that element of our company in the future!

I’m most excited about the fresh design our pajamas have. Not only are the prints modern and unique, but I specifically wanted to design a pajama set that compliments the curves of a women and makes her look sexy and elegant. I want our customers to feel special while they sleep and make it an event full of relaxation and comfort- instead of just shrugging on an old t shirt.

The fact that your line consists of proper pajama sets is so perfectly nostalgic. I’ve always admired those with a nightly routine as I’ve been known to fall asleep on the couch haha! Do you make a conscious effort to wind down in the evenings? If so, what’s your routine like? 

I definitely make a conscious effort to wind down in the evenings; being a small business owner means I’m usually spending the day running around like a chicken with my head cut off!
My nightly routine usually consists of some combination of wine, a good book (just finished Sophia Amoruso’s GIRLBOSS- go read it!), trying to not binge watch one of my favorite tv shows (house of cards, I’m looking at you) and if the weather is nice a walk around the neighborhood!


I love that you’re headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee – are there any other Nashville based brands changing the world that I should know about?

Nashville is a really supportive community full of southern hospitality and giving back. My favorite companies in Nashville changing the world are Nisolo, Red Earth, Fashionable and Consider the WldFlwrs (among TONS of others!)

As a fellow entrepreneur where do you find inspiration and how do you stay motivated? It can be such a grind!

I find inspiration through nature most often, along with the supportive creative community I have here in Nashville. I am learning to stay motivated by giving myself grace and “me” time- (wine always included!)

 Finally, three things you’re most grateful for these days. 
My husband, family & friends.
My health.

The AMAZING cool weather Nashville has been having lately!

Taylor was one of the first people I had the pleasure of supporting when I launched Haute Hope. Her keen eye, sweet disposition and heart for others are just a few of the reasons I adore her! From one entrepreneur to another I am thrilled to see this next phase of Henri Rose – loving Taylor and her luxe jammies as much as I do? Check out the Henri Rose kickstarter here

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