photo credit Lizzy Dear Photography

Chef Becky is one of my oldest and dearest friends! Our friendship actually began with her having to prove to me that she makes the best banana bread ever.  Not only was this VERY true but she happens to make a lot of best things ever. So naturally I will be picking her brain at least once a season to steal a recipe to share with you folks!

Becky is an old soul when it comes to the kitchen, she believes deeply in utilizing your culinary intuition and really embracing the act of making a dish yours. Kind of like grandma – she just adds a little dash of this and little pinch of that. Growing up in the Midwest she appreciates the change in season, and molds her cooking around what’s fresh at the farmers market. Her recipes are almost never set in stone and should be open to your own interpretation whenever possible. With that said, here is the lovliest guide to toast and figs.

 TOAST & figs


No specific quantities are listed, because really, that depends on how many toasts you plan on making. Just get what you get, and go from there. This shouldn’t be stressful.  – Becky

  • aged goat gouda (or other aged sharp cheese)
  • fresh figs
  • a couple of black plums
  • a small log of goat cheese
  • rich, amber honey (I used a wonderful honey which I actually harvested at a friends apiary — When preparing simple food, the quality of the ingredients really matter, so just make sure its a good quality organic honey)
  • bitter greens ( I used mizuna and baby chard, use whatever you like)
  • loaf of hearty whole grain or rustic wheat bread
  • olive oil
  • salt, to taste

 Turn your oven to 400. Cut your bread into 1/2” thick slices and drizzle liberally with olive oil, and season with kosher salt. Toast bread until deep golden brown, all around. Remove.

Slice the plums into thin rounds, or half-moon, and quarter the figs.

Slather some goat cheese on the bread, then layer plums and figs all over.

Drizzle with the honey and garnish with the greens. Lastly, crumble the aged cheese over the top, and sprinkle with crunchy sea salt.

 The beauty of this toast is its simplicity, yet its complexity. With each bite you should encounter sweet, savory, tart and bitter. And texturally, you get crunchy toast, creamy goat cheese, soft figs and crisp plums. These things makes our mouths happy.

Becky can be found serving up the best brunch dishes in Los Angeles at her once-a-month pop up series, Bang Bang Brunch. She runs a boutique catering company, is a food stylist and extremely talented photographer (yep, she took ALL of these gorgeous food shots). Don’t believe she does it ALL? Check out her Instagram @foodiephotog & @bangbangbrunch! I know you’ll find yourself as smitten as I am!


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