(original post date of January 30, 2015)

Oh my, The Elisha.

Elisha is one of my (Jess here) dearest friends. She is a children’s Pastor in Ohio and has deep, deep love for others. Her job, as well as her desire is literally to pour into people daily. She is wise yet free-spirited, extraordinarily generous and incredibly nurturing. She’s someone who has volunteered all over the world and even prepared me for my first trip to an orphanage in the Philippines. I’ve found however, that Elisha is at her very best when she has taken time to put herself first and refuel.

I designed her box with rest and rejuvenation in mind. I pictured Elisha snuggled up by a fireplace opening her box and finding everything she needs to have an evening of reflection and solitude.

Her box includes…

A Sweet Earth Candlessential Candle. 100% Soy, all natural and the packaging is plantable. She’s got a healthy dose of hippie in her and genuinely cares about the ingredients in everything from what she puts in her body to what’s around her. A candle would be no exception. Not to mention, a portion of the proceeds go to an organization aimed at breaking the cycle of abuse in women through education, life skills and awareness.

Elisha (and her entire family) are avid tea drinkers, I loved the idea of giving her a tea that was both delicious and emotionally beneficial. Teamotion’s Enjoy Rest blend was a no brainer. This apple, cinnamon and chamomile mix was created to help you sleep well and wake up refreshed, it’s a tea lovers dream.

Now that the ambiance is set and the tea has steeped, it’s time for her to open her journal. I chose a beautiful journal by Flora Stationary. Every Flora notebook sold helps to fund college scholarships for women in Eastern Europe. Their story is beyond inspiring and they’ve funded the futures of so many women already! Plus, the moment I held this journal I knew it was waiting to be filled with prayers, worries, hopes, anything weighing on the heart.

I was recently told, “In order to pour into others, we must first pour into ourselves – otherwise, we have nothing to give.” This box is for the person who tends to (with good intention) empty their pot. For the person who needs permission to take a moment for themselves and rest easy for a night.

Elisha, thank you for pouring into me, loving those around you wholeheartedly and bringing an unparalleled sense of magic to this world.



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